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Loans listed on xChange have high credit quality, attractive yields, strong community development impact and CRA eligibility. xChange provides investors a full-service platform to both improve their balance sheets and revitalize their communities.

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*FICO, LTV, and Note Rate averages as of January 16, 2024. Average LTV represents the weighted average.

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xChange enables community banks and investors to easily search for and buy prime residential mortgages, shop CRA-eligible loans in their assessment areas, and build their balance sheets. Our platform allows users to easily filter, toggle, and purchase loans based on their investment criteria.

Filters for impact, yield, LTV, FICO, loan type, MSA, Census, ZIP

Purchase individual whole loans or pools

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Transact online, receive documentation digitally

Get Reliable CRA Documentation

Getting CRA credit has never been easier. CRA Officers can now satisfy CRA requirements by shopping high-quality prime loans on xChange’s marketplace. We created “Impact Badges” to show the social impact of each loan and will provide a special CRA purchase certificate that can be included in the loan files and easily shared with auditors.

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Choose Servicing & Pricing Options

Investors can choose between Standard and Par Pricing based on their servicing and purchasing preferences. Standard Pricing may include a premium on the loan amount and has a fixed servicing fee. Par Pricing is available for Non-Agency loans and gives investors the opportunity to purchase a loan at face value. The Par Pricing option includes a revenue share on the interest note which eliminates Early Pay-Off (EPO) risk and aligns financial interests between the buyer and seller.

Reporting & Statements

xChange's monthly statements and notifications make tracking your loans easy. Reporting includes an overview of your portfolio performance, transaction and payment history, interest earned, and more.

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