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xChange is an online loan marketplace for investing in first deed mortgages and real-estate debt. Before xChange, prime mortgages were only available to big banks and institutions, now any yield investor can get access to the real asset, and can buy prime credit loans with attractive yields and no intermediaries. Each year, xChange offers over $5 billion in loans from 48 states so if you have an interest in specific types of loans, you can expect to find loans that meet your needs.

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*FICO, LTV, and Note Rate averages as of January 16, 2024. Average LTV represents the weighted average.

The Advantage of Purchasing Loans on xChange

First-Deed-of-Trust Residential Mortgages are a Superior Yield Asset

xChange gives investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with private debt real-estate alternatives and hand select the loans they want to invest in.

Sustainable Community Investing

xChange helps investors meet social impact objectives without sacrificing performance or risk tolerance. All loans available on xChange include string social impact and community development, reliable ESG and sustainability factors, and positive effects in high need areas.

Multiple Servicing & Pricing Options

Investors can choose between Standard and Par Pricing based on their servicing and purchasing preferences. Standard Pricing may include a premium on the loan amount and has a fixed servicing fee. Par Pricing is available for Non-Agency loans and gives investors the opportunity to purchase a loan at face value. The Par Pricing option includes a revenue share on the interest note which eliminates Early Pay-Off (EPO) risk and aligns financial interests between the buyer and seller.

Standard Pricing, Par Pricing toggle graphic

Reporting & Statements

xChange's monthly statements and notifications make tracking your loans easy. Reporting includes an overview of your portfolio performance, transaction and payment history, interest earned, and more.

Total Investments
Social Impact Investments
Average Note Rate
Good Standing
Payment Status
Interest Income (YTD)
New Loans
Loan Number*
Unpaid Balance
Note Rate
Good Standing
Payment Status
*Report is an example only and not to be viewed as real loan information.

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